Patient Testimonials
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Mrs. Be-Wan’s experience

“ I just felt the need to be at
Shin Kong Hospital. Through my own experience, I’m so thankful I went here. They are the real experts.”

This Indonesian patient, Mrs. Be-Wan, had suffered from lower back pain for years. She went to Hospital Melaka, Malaysia, for an initial operation, but in vain.
According to Be-Hwa,
"I felt terriblely pain over my back and thighs. I could not walk far because it would cause me too much pain.” 
After reviewing her X-ray, Dr. Chen, Liang-Kuang introduced Be-Hwa to neurosurgeon, Dr. Chen, Ching-Lin, and receive spinal fusion surgery for spondylolisthesis. She spent a week in Shin Kong Hospital and had speedy recovery.
“She had the best care,” says daughter of Be-Hwa. “The staff were all amazing, and we love Dr. Chen. We won’t go anywhere else."
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